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The 21st century poses both complex challenges and exciting opportunities for individuals and organizations.  PERFORMEX will work with you to seize opportunities and to close performance gaps by creating evidence-based training and non-training solutions.  With 26 years of experience in education, including teaching, leadership, and project management roles; graduate studies in educational technology, performance improvement, and the design and development of eLearning and performance support tools; as well as on-the-ground success leading the change process, PERFORMEX will work with you to close the gap between current and desired performance.

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Featured Solution

As an educator at the school, district, or department level, you know that the measure of success for training is the extent to which learning positively impacts the achievement and well-being of students in the classroom.  Learn more about how Supporting Students With Learning Disabilities for Success will immerse you in a scenario-based learning environment that maximizes deep learning and the transfer of knowledge and skills to where they count-- the classroom.


PERFORMEX will work with you to:

  1. Drill down to the underlying causes of gaps between current and desired performance.
  2. Design, develop, and implement evidence-based training and non-training solutions to close gaps.
  3. Measure results.

Research Behind Solutions

PERFORMEX applies evidence-based practices to all aspects of training and non-training solutions. Each design element is carefully chosen to support the cognitive processes of learning, retention, and transfer.  To learn about some of the evidence-based practices behind PERFORMEX solutions, click the button below. On the Research page, you are also invited to watch a cautionary tale about the consequences of implementing solutions that disregard current scientific findings…